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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stave Hook Racks
Barrel Stave Hook Racks
White Oak Stave is 35 inches wide by various heights.
These Bourbon barrel stave hook racks come with several types of metal hooks. Some staves have a bung hole in the middle
Stave Hook Racks
Barrel Stave Hook Rack
Our Stave Hook Racks are made from vintage Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, the look will vary from stave to stave depending on the age of the barrel.

You can order from my Etsy store.
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        Half Barrel Top Hook Rack
Half Barrel Top W/ Hand Forged HooksHand Forged Hook
#HTHR  Half Whiskey Barrel Hook Rack.

This unique rustic barrel  hook rack is made of  a  Kentucky whiskey barrel top, the iron hooks are hand forged in Kentucky. There is room at the top to paint a design, or a family name.

These are the same hooks that we use on our barrel hook rack and barn wood hook racks. They are hand forged in Kentucky.

log cabin baskets

twig candle / votive holders
#LCB-12    Log Cabin Baskets

#CH  Candle Holders
#LCB-16    Log Cabin Baskets

Made of Willow, These sturdy baskets are great for holding everything from fruit to yarn balls, and they make great gift baskets Why sell gift baskets with imported baskets. Buy American!  Baskets are 12"x12" and 16"x16"

Made of willow or maple wood, these rustic twig holders are great for candles or peg votive like the ones pictured here
(Votive Cups and candles are NOT included)


Planter Box
Votice/Candle Baskets

Planter Box
Votive/Candle Basket

This unique planter box is made of western cedar with a willow twig handle. It has many uses, a planter, a garden tool box, or a magazine holder are just a few of the many uses for this sturdy cedar box.
These cute little baskets are perfect as a votive/candle holders, for your favorite special candles, or as little planters. (Votive & Candle Not Included)

We know you have a choice. We would like to thank you for visiting our web site. All of our rustic furniture and accessories are hand crafted by our family in Kentucky, U.S.A.   We encourage you to support Kentucky crafts, Support American families, BUY AMERICAN!
  Because this rustic furniture is made of natural tree trunks and branches no two pieces are alike.
Your items may vary slightly from the ones pictured on this page.
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  You can order from my Etsy sore.
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Order from my Etsy sore
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