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Kentucky has a long history of fine arts and crafts known around the world. In keeping with that tradition of quality hand crafted workmanship, we present our  Kentucky Rustic Furniture's Willow Workshop.
Learn How To Make Rustic Twig Furniture
Kentucky Rustic Furniture's  Willow Workshop

Kentucky Craftsman Dan MoffettKentucky craftsman Dan Moffett has been making rustic furniture since 1982.
Dan has taught Rustic Furniture Construction at the Louisville Visual Arts Association (LVAA) in Louisville Kentucky. Dan is a jurored participant in the Kentucky Crafts Program. Dan's work has been sold in craft, garden and specialty shops across the United States. Dan's rustic furniture has been pictured in Southern Living, Country Decorator, HomeStyle & Garden, Log Home Living, Doll, and Louisville magazines. Four of Dan's love seats were in the Tobacco Leaf Lounge at the Louisville International Airport for over 16 years. Actress Whoopi Goldberg purchased several of Dan's twig chairs

Some of our studentsVisitors to Kentucky Rustic Furniture's web site have inquired about learning how to make rustic twig furniture. For those of you would like to learn to make your own rustic twig furniture we now offer a 4 day and 2 day rustic furniture workshops. Rustic, twig, willow, or whatever you want to call it, we can teach you how to make the best.
We are offering a 2 day class for those of you who can't make the full 4 day class. The 2 day class will be $499.00. You will make the adult size chair.

                      In this workshop you will:
  • Learn what tools you need and how to safely use those tools
  • Learn what wood you need, where to find it, how to cut it, and how to store it
  • Make your own adult size chair
  • Make your own  adult size ottoman
  • Make your own end table
  • Learn a profitable and rewarding craft that you will enjoy for a life time
The value of the furniture you build and take home during our regular scheduled workshop is over $400.00.  All tools and supplies will be provided for the workshop

Class Tuition for scheduled 4 day workshops is only $699.00
To sign up for the next class send a $150.00 nonrefundable deposit.


We found another willow workshop online. They charge $3500.00 for a private class, but they let you sleep in their barn.
Our price is ONLY $799.00

Private Classes Available Privite Class Student
Pictured here are two happy students that have completed our private one on one classes.

They each made the furniture you see in the pictures, a bent willow chair , plank top end table , and ottoman. The also made a garden trellis in class.

In the privite classes you will learn to use air nailers
For those of you who can't attend our scheduled workshops we offer 4 day private classes. Private classes can be scheduled just about anytime you like. The private classes are just $799.00 for one person, and $599.00 each for 2 to 4 people.  You will make and take home a regular adult size chair, a plank top end table, and an ottoman to go with the chair. You will also receive free wood cutting tools to take home. We are offering a 2 day private class for those of you who can't make the full 4 day class. The 2 day class will be $499.00. You will make the adult size chair and end table or ottoman. In the privite class you will learn to use air nailers.

Willow Furniture Workshop
make this trellis
Kentucky Rustic Furniture
P.O. Box 160
Bryantsville, Ky  40410

Phone: (859) 548-8816


Start Planning Your Own Rustic Twig Furniture Business Today
Class of the Bluegrass
Learn To Make This Beautiful Rustic Chair In Our Workshop
deck chair

The classes are held in beautiful historic
Danville Kentucky

In the heart of the Bluegrass

Students receive a discount at the Danville Hampton Inn
Or Choose Your Own Accommodations in the Danville Area.
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trimming switches Twig Classes At LVAA
Students in our scheduled classes

 Twig Classes at LVAA
Twig Classes at LVAA

Learn from a seasoned pro,
Crafting twig furniture since 1982

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