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Two Chairs and a Barrel Top TableSofa Table and Love Seat
Suzy N. in Eastwood Kentucky Loves Her Furniture,
This is Her Front Porch With a Love Seat, Sofa Table, Barrel Top Table, and Two Chairs
Charlotte Oppenheimer Writes:

The bench arrived in good shape and is the way I envisioned it.  Thank you for your time and effort.  The candle sticks are wonderful--like nothing I have so they are a welcome addition.  The hook will be put to good use, also.
Thank you very much for everything.
Karen Brown  Writes:     

I received my bar table today, and I absolutely love it! It fits perfect in my home and looks awesome. Your craftmanship is
definitely top notch.                                                                                                                                        
Barbara Ford Writes:                                                                                                                                  

Well, the box came in an 18- wheeler truck and then could not get up the mountain road so I met the guy in a parking lot next to a church. Then we could not get it in my Subaru until we opened it up and placed it in...this guy was so nice! the furniture is so rustic!...(alittle joke). I love it and it is nice to have some furniture that matches the mountain feel of my home.   I am
just thinking about what else I can order....  Thanks again and I can not wait to entertain and have people see them.
I will be telling good things about your company.
Erin Drallos  Writes:

I used your chair in a photo session the other day!  It looks awesome! 
Michelle Cheney Writes:                                                                                                                             

The long-awaited furniture shipment finally arrived and I literally lost my breath when opening the large boxes and uncrating your beautiful handmade pieces!  What a joy to behold your exquisite workmanship and extensive attention to detail.  I am thrilled with each and every piece and find myself admiring them many times a day.  I wish I could apprentice my son to you!  Thank you again for putting such time, quality and care into all your work.  The wait was worth every second.
Kathy Olsen Writes:

I just un wrapped the Love Seat and the stands you shipped me. Beautiul  GirlWork. Myfriend wants to place a order this spring... She wants to do a large order for her wrap around deck.... Again,I Love the FurniFurniture. Were in the North Woods and everyone would Love your stuff.

Alison (last name withheld by request) Writes:

I received the furniture...thanks! now I can enjoy warm summer days and spring.

Michael writes:

Got the tables today--they're great!  They look super in my newly renovated
chalet style attic.

Thanks from a satisfied customer!

Laurie Belle writes:

We love the twig chair. It is wonderful. The recipient was amazed by the design and work of the chair......
As I said, We think the chair is just great and thank you so much for shipping it so quickly. 

Stacy Coffman writes:

I just wanted to let you know how much we love the chairs.  You are truly a very
talented artist.  We will certainly be doing more business with you in the

I hope you have a great new year! 

Peter Holcomb writes:

The sign looks amazing. i look forward to hanging it on the
tree outside our cottage. all the best for the holidays and the new/

Marc Wilkie writes:

I received the chair and side table yesterday, thanks very much.  They both were in excellent condition and very beautiful.  Thanks and have a great Holiday. 

Mr. McWeeney writes:

The chairs arrived and are even more beautiful than expected.  Thanks for all your help in ordering them.  Mr. Moffett is an exceptional artist. Hopefully I'll be able to order more from him someday.

Bonnie Belich writes:

I got my order yesterday and the pieces are GREAT..I love the workmanship, the wood, the look is just perfect and THANK YOU for the three peg rack..very nice!!!!!!

Amy Harney writes:

The table arrived today. It is exactly what I wanted and I can see its finely made. I am sorry I was cross yesterday, but this was my first experience ordering over the internet and I was very worried there for a moment that the whole thing would be a disaster and my surprise would be ruined. Anyway, I love the table and think the birthday boy will be very pleased!
Thanks again!

Vicky Slucher writes:

I just love the table and chairs.  It is everything I hoped it would  be.  My sister also loves them and I believe she will be placing an order soon!  My only problem now is I only want to sit at my table under the pergola, drink coffee and enjoy my garden.  You do wonderful work.  Thanks again.

Melanie West writes:

I wanted to write and let you know that I received the willow welcome mat a few weeks ago.  We are REALLY enjoying it and it looks great!  We have gotten many compliments on it and you did a wonderful job.  It is the perfect size and works well.  Thanks again!  I really appreciate your expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The welcome mat is PERFECT!
Thanks again,

Linda Welker writes:


Karin Tremblay writes:

Thank you so much for the very special furniture, it is more beautiful than I
imagined! I will be sending you another check for the cradle after the
holiday...thanks again, you do such beautiful work...you are so talented.

Joe Finkelstein from Havertown, PA writes:

The furniture arrived and it looks great! I sent a check out to you for the entertainment center, so please put us on the docket!
Thanks so much.


The entertainment center arrived today along with the ottoman and end table. The center looks fantastic and is just what Debbie was looking for. Thanks also for the extra gifts. They're beautifully made. When the room is all decorated, I'll be sending you photos that you're welcome to use in any way for your PR. Thanks again for a beautiful job! It was worth
the wait!


Just wanted to send you some pictures although there will be better ones to come. When I took these, Debbie hadn't finished the ottoman cushion, nor the curtains. Also we're expecting our oval rug very soon. Your entertainment center is perfect. Everyone who visits us loves your stuff!

Hope all is going well with you.

* Click here to see the pictures from Joe *
CarolAnn of Roswell GA writes:

Thanks, the bed came today.  I think it is lovely.  My doll will look great on that. 

Stephen Byrd  of Clearmont FL writes:

I received the plank tables and I am quite happy with your workmanship.

Pat Varner of PA writes:

 Got the second part of our order today and I am thrilled.  The loveseat and chair are beautiful.  We've been looking at twig furniture for years since we had the idea of a bird area outside the store and your furniture definitely is the nicest and best constructed I've ever seen.  We are so happy with them and look forward to the rest of the order. Thank you so much.  We will have to send pictures.

Jane Gruber of Newport Coast CA writes:

We received our willow twig armchairs, ottoman and end table yesterday and they are perfect!  They are sitting in our garage until I can put a coat of varnish on them this weekend.   Then, we'll move them out to our backyard where they will add that rustic flair I was hoping for.   Thanks for such great furniture and outstanding service.

Pat Schubert  of New Hampshire Says:

 The table arrived yesterday. It is just perfect, it is exactly what I needed. I want to order a picture frame.

Kathryn Izon writes:

Well, the twig tables came and they're a wonder! Beautifully put together, perfectly balanced and even smelling good from that new wood! Thanks so much for your good work, and all blessings at Christmastime! Will be holding on to your email address and probably contacting you in the spring concerning some porch pieces I saw in your catalogue. Stay well---Kathryn Izon 

Jerry from Lynnfield, MA writes:

The furniture has arrived this morning 4/6. It's in good shape nice shipping box! It looks great, you are an excellent craftsman. I'm sure my wife will love it. All the girls in the offices here do! All the men think I'm crazy. My Dad says outdoor furniture stores would charge $700 to $800 for that Loveseat. Maybe your prices are to low. You should get a sales rep. to work New England areas, or try direct mail. I will glad to give references to anyone and keep you in mind in the future.

Eve Zeese from Mamaroneck, NY writes:

We rec'd the table and really love it. Thanks for the extras.  We didn't really mind the time it took, we are very happy with the table.


Julie Carney  from Aurora, New York writes:

Thank you sending the bird feeder and gift to my mother.  She opened her package while I was on the phone with her.  She was really surprised and loved your work!  I can't wait to fly home and see them. Thank you once again for custom making the order.

some people buy it buy the truct loadsome people chain their furniture
Some folks buy our furniture by the truck load, or in this case by the wagon load -- Our furniture is so beautiful and so well made that some customers insist on chaining it up to protect
a big order shipped to Utah
This 10 piece set went to the Orr's in Utah
our love seats at the airport lounge

Pictured here are two of four love seats
that were purchased for the Tobacco Leaf Lounge at the Louisville International Airport in Louisville Kentucky. They were in constant use in the lounge For over 16 years, They had to replace the cushions a few times but our love seats held up perfectly. We make them a lot better now than we did back then.

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